Wednesday, February 29, 2012

29th Feb 2012!

International Women Confession Day!

really surpric tat~
got such a "day" in this world~

actually, i saw it from facebook~
and then
i googled it~
and found a post in a forum 0.o

"Today, Feb 29, is leap day, and it's also International Women Confession Day. It's said that this is the day for women to confess to the guys they like. If they are rejected, the guys need to compensate for their sadness like treating them to dinner or something. So what do you think about this occasion? If you are girl, will you really take this opportunity to confess?"

overall~ the day is "something" like that =.='

guys need to compensate for girl's sadnesss if they rejected it~ >:D
tsk tsk tsk~

if i were a boy~
i will simply just say yes to save my money =3=
then tomolo i will *evil smile* im sry~ we brk up bah~~
nahhhh~~ just kidding~~~
i hate playboy =_=

ok whateva~~~ BLUEKKK!!!! XPPPPPPPP

since today is a international confession day for female :D
lets confessss to our love one today!

Lammy's Confession

to my lovely darling baobei, mr LEE

i believe by saying "I Love You", you ady listen dao... maybe no feel jor =3=
and i believe you knew it dy and very very clear bout it, rite?
so this time i dun wan say i love you le

lets using a diff way to confess to u ah~ =3=

hey! mr Lee!!!

i hate you!!! =3=
you this baka >:D

*hugs tight*

i hate you bcuz i too love you =.='

how nice if i just "like" you instead of loving you tat muchie =3=
bad boy!!! F5555

and i hate you bout keep let me eat sooo many VINEGAR!!!
* not-sweeeet at allllllll D: *

i hate you bcuz you not romantic at alll
feed me some candy okie? =x

i hate you bcuz you occupy alot of space in my heart and my brain
my heart oweys missing you badly
my brain oweys thinking bout you badly

and i ...

aiyo~~ enuf le la~ =3=

speechless d~
so paiseh confess in public~
if you read this and want noe more~
ask me face to face you this baka bad boy =D

*shyyyyyyyyy die me*

heart you 4va!!! you must heart me too!! XD

tats all for my confession to you for today!
Blueck!!!!! XPPPPPPP

From Your Lammai ^x^

Happy 29th Feb to you!!!!

and wei ting laogong~
i miss you =.=

fastie give me "ROLL" back Malaysia!!!! RAWRRRR!!!!
i miss the day we go shoppping like lesbian together =X

heart you!

heart my baka baobei!

heart my suju oppas!

heart all of you!


Monday, February 20, 2012


really a failed me...
i totally forgot my blog's banner ROARR!!!!!


i just come back see my blog when my fren asking me bout edit'ing the theme =.='
i found tat

i'd forgotten my blog bannnerrrrrrr
D: T^T


sorry ah blog <3


Friday, December 30, 2011

meaningless entry =0=

aiks! i hvn update my blog since..... =='
i hvn do my blog banner T^T

sooo many thingsssss nid to do before 2012


2012 2012 2012
what a blink of an eye, 2011 omost come to the end D:

i think i gonna write something bout some story bout my 2011 soon or later~
mayb later or tml~ =,=

sien ler~~ my banner T_T
not suit my new blog wall =.=

sighhh.... my suju so small =0

banner banner!!!
i need you!!


off n back to work

sleepy me...

Lammy @ SALAM =.=


Thursday, November 24, 2011


My Blog ReNovatIon omoSt Done :)
Left da Banner now :D

take jor some pic for my stupid p.b!
wait done renovate this~
then go upload ^^

then start Blogggginnnngggg AgggAAINNN!!!!!


can talk bout
stupid clinical p0sting day
my day , your day
my game , your game
any rubbish <3 hahaaaa

Try T0 Sl33p EaRLy Tonight
12am+ , hvn 1am
cockoo cockoo
go sleep go sleep <3

Annyounghi Jumuseyo~ <3


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I don't give up easily
I fight for what i want
and this is me.

this time
I will follow my heart as usual
but taking my brain with me for sure :P